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Tentsile Ocean UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent (3.0)

We’ve taken our classic UNA design and launched a brand new version using 2.79lbs of 100% reclaimed Ocean plastic fabric. The Tentsile Ocean UNA Hammock Tent Ocean UNA provides shelter for one camper and their gear.

The Ocean UNA has been designed to be as ECO friendly as possible. Unique to Tentsile, the tree tent uses a three-point anchor system to suspend the tent off the ground creating a flat-lay sleeping system, which provides ultimate comfort for front, back or side sleepers.

The Ocean UNA comes in one colour – white. This is because it is made from undyed fabric, which uses 70% less water in the production process and zero chemical dyes.

The Ocean UNA retains the double layered floor which allows you to slip a sleeping pad between the two layers for additional warmth and comfort. It comes with a 2,500HH rainfly to keep you dry. It also has lots of storage options for your gear – an external underfloor storage net for larger items like your backpack, as well as smaller internal mesh pockets to help keep your valuables safe.

This lightweight solo tree tent weighs in at only 5.1lbs making it ideal for day hikes and shorter backpacking trips. You have the option to drop the ratchet to help save weight, using only the WebLock and straps for set-up.

Key features of the Tentsile Ocean UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent:

Key features of the Ocean UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent:

  • Built in storage is ideal for holding your camping gear – 2 internal mesh pockets and 1 large underfloor net
  • Double layered floor designed to fit a Sky-pad air mattress for comfortable sleeping
  • No-see-um insect mesh provides a breathable enclosure. It’s also great for keeping out even the smallest insects
  • 2500HH rainfly offers protection is adverse weather conditions


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