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Classic Give’r Gloves

Everyday Carry (EDC) meets Give’r Gloves… straight shootin’ tough & durable. Unlined & warm weather ready. The Classic Give’r Glove was born straight out of the mountains in Jackson Hole where sturdy, lined gloves are a necessity, not a luxury. Named “The Souvenir of Jackson Hole” by Town and Country, these resilient, one-of-a-kind Western gloves are known by locals as the “gloves of 100 uses.” Each pair of Classic Give’r Glove arrives wax-sealed and ready for you to get out there and Give’r!


Lightweight Give’r Gloves are our answer to the many requests from the Give’r community for “the quality of the Classic Gloves but for those hotter days.” We dove into prototyping, testing, tweaking and repeating … and the final result has received the Give’r stamp of approval in a big way. The Lightweights are well suited for around the house, warmer climate jobs like summertime yard work & gardening, light construction projects or stacking wood piles. If highly active, they can serve as your EDC gloves for late spring skiing, camping, hunting or warmer weather shoveling.

1. Lightly insulated
2. Slip-on style
3. All-leather exterior
4. Customize with hand-branded initials (up to 3 characters)
5. Coated with a natural bees-wax for weatherproofing – each pair is unique in appearance!
6. Produced by a master-leather worker in Pakistan and hand-waxed, branded, and quality checked in Jackson, Wyoming.

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