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gosun SolarEnergy 1100


gosun SolarEnergy 1100

Redefine resilience and independence with this gosun SolarEnergy 1100 Portable Powerplant that’s packed with energy but without the noise, emissions, size, or weight of typical generators.

Designed to be our largest and most versatile powerbank, you can run devices up to 1,200watts and stay charged with the Sun. Plus, it’s optimized to power GoSun’s full line of breakthrough appliances that cook, cool, purify, heat, and brew.


The gosun SolarEnergy 1100 has power when you need it most.

Take camping, traveling, to events, jobsites AND have energy for emergency backup. This bundle is built to run your essential devices like cameras, power tools, laptops, and CPAP machines, and recharge with the Sun, so you don’t have to worry about power outages.

Advanced Charging Technology

A built in MPPT controller automatically optimizes charging and maximizes power extraction from solar, 12V or AC power

Safety Protections

Temperature control with incredible heat dissipation, Regulated Outlets with Voltage Stabilizing Technology, Smart BMS

Brilliant LED Light

A 450 lumen LED is powerful enough to illuminate your camp site or your home during a power outage

Real-time display

The intuitive display shows the current battery status regarding input and output wattage, as well as battery percentage remaining

3 ways to charge

Wall Socket – The included AC Charger tops off an empty Power 1100 overnight
Solar – Use the SolarPanel 100 to charge with the Sun
12 Volt – The included DC plug charges from any car, boat, truck or RV made since 1950

More Power To You

Ten power outputs to meet all your needs: Features two AC outlet (110V, 1,200W with 2,000W Peak) and two 12V DC ports and one 12V car port, two USB-A ports, one 60W USB-C, and two 18W QC3.0 port (one built into SolarPanel)

Go Lightweight and Compact

At just 25 LBS (11 kgs) and only 12 inches long, it’s still powerful enough to power most tools like saws, drills, fridges, pumps, fans and electronics


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