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Tentsile Flite 2-Person Tree Tent (3.0) – Use Coupon Code LIVEOUTSIDE10 to save 5%

It’s perfect for those same adventurers; backcountry explorers, thru-hikers, multi-day trekkers, who are heading out in a pair or couple, and want to balance the weight of their tent with getting a comfortable nights sleep.

With room for two people, this model has a stripped back design to reduce as much weight as possible and meet the needs of lightweight hikers that might not be able to find flat, level ground on their adventures.

The sleeping bed consists of a double tensioned hammock with an adjustable dividing strap down the middle that turns the floor into one or two hammock berths for solo or dual camping. A unique cross-brace pole configuration offers extra headroom for those moments when you need to sit up or take off your shoes! The double layered tensioned floor also provides a place to slip an air mattress so you can stay toasty warm in any season.

Various components of the Flite can easily be split between people to lighten the load, plus the bag style and water resistance means it can be clipped onto the outside of your pack for ease of access when setting up camp, and to leave more room in the inside of your pack.

The light pack weight, storage capabilities and availability of a Predator Camouflage rainfly also make this tent a brilliant option for wildlife photographers, backcountry hunters, or fishers who want to pack a lot of additional gear while also doing their best to remain concealed.