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3.0 Tentsile Safari Connect 2-Person Tree Tent – Use Coupon Code LIVEOUTSIDE10 to save 5%

The most robust and enduring 2-person tree tent in the world. The Safari Connect is the most hardcore couples camping tree tent on the market today and is a great option for first-time tree campers.

While it’s a 2-person tent, is very spacious and has a weight capacity of 880lbs/400kg, so is also suitable for young families (2 adults and a small child).

Designed with the same space and storage capacity as our popular Connect tree tent but made from the highest quality, toughest, UV-resistant (3,500 hours) material available.

Perfect for ultra-comfy car camping, weekend trips, and single-location basecamps in harsher environments where UV degradation it’s an impactful factor. The Safari Connect packs down into a single bag, so much like the Safari Stingray it’s an amazing option when you don’t need the lightest weight but do require an extremely tough tent for the comfiest night camping.

The Safari Connect is perfect for semi-permanent camps, rentals or backyard setups. These tents are made to withstand extreme climates and a high volume of occupant turnover and use. There is nothing you can throw at this material that it cannot handle.

With care, this model can be left up for months at a time and comes with a 3-year warranty.

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